Desert Trail

Desert Trail

This road appears
to be endless
but we all know
there is an end.

How appropriate,
the desert

When we speak
the very word:
we think desolate
although in contrast
it really is teeming
with hidden life.

This is how I
see life right now:
yet teeming
with hidden life.

This is how I
see myself,
walking alone
down some deserted

heading towards
a myriad of clouds
where there is end.

                                        Donna Fitzgerald




Numerous ideas began whirling around my head as I thought about the two photos- Desert Trail and What Lies Beyond.  One realizes there is significant danger if going beyond that posted fence line.  Yet when juxtaposed with the desert trail, can’t you just imagine that person walking purposefully with a goal in mind.  I wonder if he/she would stop if confronted by a ‘Don’t Go Beyond This Fence.’

Do you often think about where you would be if you never went beyond the fence line- not taking a risk- not having determination to reach for the gold ring.  How many people do you know who live out each day just like the one before- living by rote- never thinking about what could be different tomorrow? What makes you have the desire to write, to paint, to compose or design beautiful jewelry? I know it’s your wish to have someone read, buy, or listen to what you have accomplished.  You don’t do these creative acts just to put them in a drawer or closet- and get up the next day, create and put what you’ve done back in the drawer at night.

That is what the two photos are telling me.  I can walk purposefully down the road of life, or that desert trail- and come to a stumbling block- that sign that says don’t go beyond- but—- I want to know what’s beyond, and whether or not the sign says stop- I’m ready to trod on.  I’m certain your outlook on life is also like mine.  Otherwise, you wouldn’t be here in this room, involved with creative people who desire more than a life of rote occurrences. I’m glad I continued walking down that road- and never stopped.     Judith Fabris


Breaking News: Two Valley Women Find Visual Proof of the Existence of Ancient Forces
Hidden in the Coachella Valley


The Boulders by Joan Petit-Clair

          The two women who chose to remain anonymous, are members of the prestigious Pen Woman Organization. This group of women have a reputation for their keen senses. They are able to pick up on the unique vibrations that emminate from our desert floor and the surrounding mountains, compelling them to create through a variety of artistic formats. The first discovery was in the form of a photograph of the Beula Boulders. The Beulah Boulders or “Bubbas” as they were referred to in ancient times, were responsible for our valley’s calming atmosphere, sometimes referred to by tourists as “the Palm Springs Paralysis.” While interviewing the Pen Woman photographer, she said, “I was hiking way out in the desert when I was inexplicably drawn to these rocks and boulders, and it wasn’t until I developed the photo, that I realized what I had found.

    It appears to be a very ferocious dog faced creature…holding on to one of the evil, prehistoric birds that were said to have invaded our valley, and pecked out the eyeballs of any living creature. Many faces and other images were squished into this weathered, ancient rock formation.
Her picture went viral, and within hours, top scientists and ancient scholars flew in from all over the world, and verified this was indeed the Beulah Boulder.
A few days later, a watercolor was submitted by a Pen Woman that was so uncanny, that it was suggested it to be passed on to a group of scholars, who have devoted their lives to studying ancient phenomenom in our Coachella Valley.



Desert Oasis by Joan Petit-Clair

     After close examination, the scholars claim this painting shows the very essence of the existence of “the Wahoo Warriors.” This vibrant and exciting picture actually captures the transition from Palm Tree to warrior. It seems the Warriors disguise themselves as Palm Trees, and will only undergo metamorphosis in times of a dire threat to our valley. At the left of the picture there is a giant bird’s head that was severed, possibly in the same horrible battle against the evil birds. The Wahoos evidently fought along with the Bubbas, to secure our peaceful valley. Even Newer Breaking News: It appears the former news alert has disturbed our viewing audience. As many viewers are reporting rumblings in boulders close to their property, but most perplexing is the late, night humming that seems to be emanating from their Palm Trees. And now for our news segment: What Do You Think? What do you think is disturbing the ancient protective forces (Wahoos and Bubbas) of our Coachella Valley? Too many golf courses being built? Over development resulting in too many people? New leadership that denies climate change? Greed?   Melody Fleming



The Doves by Barbara McEwen

The Soldier
Morning skies illuminate
a wistful face, reveal eyes
haunted by memories
destined not to fade.

Gone is the laughter,
gone is the innocence.
Faces of men
wander his mind,
faces of those he lost.

Harbingers of hope
mourn the emptiness within,
seek to calm his world forever changed,
to bring him peace.

                                                                                                                                    Carol Mann

Human Nature…Really?

But need war be anywhere
were we to will it cease?
Cannot the good of all peoples
achieve a longed for peace?

 It seems as if we sleep
just waiting for moons to come.
What can we do as countries
so as not to be deaf and dumb?

Have the doves taught us nothing?
Do not their symbols
release the wisdom
to give to soldiers and all
a world overflowing with peace?

Please dear, dear doves.
Teach us and with us stay.
Imbed us with love and caring
and peace the rule of the day.

                                                                     Lois Batchelor Howard

Pencil Execs by Pat Dugas

Pencil Execs

You look so linear today Linus, in the striped suit
I was about to remark the same about you, Miss Linguine, with the exception of your briefcase, you’re an extended sighting along a ruler.
I see your Wall Street Journal has remained intact – the one object suitable for vertical columns
Speaking of vertical, exactly how many stripes are you wearing today?
Well, on what I would call your face.
Five, last I looked.
Yes, well, hmm the little triangle opposite your shoulder has not gone unnoticed by me …
However right below it, stretches a ray of light – from you to my torso!
A light beam between the bars! So we are not the caged creatures we appear to be!
                                                                                                                Mardiyah Tarantino


The Sunset by Donna Turrentine

The Sunset

     As I lay upon my sandy beach towel, night is closing in. The sun has reached its final minutes of life. The salty ocean air pushes my hair behind me, drying it from a long summer day. Seagulls fly past, gliding in the wind effortlessly. The cool pink and blue tones in the sky surround me. The sun slowly falls below my line of sight. Suddenly, the first star of night shows itself, beaming. darkness falls upon the sky. The sun has set.

Kelsey Tennis

At One With the Sea

seeming to stretch forever
the sea draws me in
enduring, eternal
its waves curl
make their way to shore
I wait for their crash
feel the water lap at my feet
the salty spray on my face
as I breathe in the briny air
any worries become tiny
drift away on the tide

I, but a grain of sand
over the course of time

  Kathy Bjork

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