January Meeting

When we think writer– novelist, biographer, newspaper and magazine writer usually comes to mind.
But there is a whole other world of writers who are important, maybe more so, than those who write to entertain us.

They write in trade journals or other publications specific to their profession or business.
This sharing between peers is where innovation happens, advances are made.

img_8082-in-pdf-format-copy Debra Vogler*, Pen Woman and president of Instant Insight, Inc.
will tell us of her experience as a writer in technology and present some intriguing questions.

What are the differences among peer-reviewed journals, trade journals, and the mainstream media?
How has the growth of online content affected qualified reader publications?
Could trade journals or their online equivalents be an answer to “fake news?”

January 17, 2017


lunch followed by the program


Desert Falls Country Club
Palm Desert


Reservations required. Please email Sunny at
sunny@raisethebarhigh.com by Friday, January 13
$26 members $28 guests

* Debra founded Instant Insight Inc., a media production company, in 1998 after a 20-year career in engineering. Between 2001 and 2011 she was employed as senior technical editor of the print and online publications at PennWell publications where she also produced and hosted video and audio interviews with industry executives and technologists. Since 2012, she has worked for her own company, whose clients include Chip Scale Review magazine, for which she is senior technical editor, and SEMI, for which she is a strategy advisor on the planning and organization of technical sessions at the annual SEMICON West exposition and conference. In addition to writing hundreds of technological articles over the years, Debra has added another title:producer. She serves as the executive producer of the pilot episode of Curious Duck ®, the science show, and the pilot episode of Silicon Valley Weekend.



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