May Meeting


An opportunity for us as artists and writers to share and fete our own in a fun and enjoyable way.



Join us for our last meeting of the season for a presentation of art and writing by our members.


May 16, 2017


11:45to 1:30
lunch with program to follow


Desert Falls Country Club
Palm Desert


For reservations email Sunny at by Friday May 12.
$26 members $28 guests

April Meeting



Long before the railroad came to Indio, long before the hot springs were discovered in Palm Springs and Desert Hot Springs that brought visitors to the valley for their health and relaxation, were The People. Known as the Cahuilla, they settled in the valley along the Whitewater River and nearby mountains and canyons. One group came to live by the great lake at the far east end of the valley. This band of Cahuilla is the Torres-Martinez. Many members of this band continue to live on what is left of their homeland. With pride in their heritage, they seek to preserve it as well as reach out to those in their tribe who may need assistance. Young people from the tribe who may have left the valley for education or jobs still feel a strong pull to return. One young person who left to pursue a degree in journalism will be our speaker this month.

Terria Smith

Terria Smith

Director of Berkeley Roundhouse, California Indian Publishing Program,
and editor of the quarterly magazine News from Native California.

Will speak about the Indian Nation of today

April 18, 2017

11:45 to 1:30
lunch with program to follow

Desert Falls Country Club
Palm Desert


For reservations email Sunny at by Friday April 14.
$26 members  $28 guests

Terria received her undergraduate degree from Humboldt State University and a master’s degree from the University of California Berkeley Graduate School of Journalism. In 2013, she was chosen as a USC California Endowment Health Journalism Fellow and co-produced a report for the on-air series “FNX NOW” about water contamination in her reservation community. For more than three years she worked as a social media specialist, editor, producer and interim tribal liaison for First Nations Experience (FNX), the first public television station in the United States to focus its programming on Native American and Indigenous peoples. Aside from her work, she guides students who are interested in journalism as a participant in the University Graduate Mentor Program.



March Meeting

Paul Messink 

resident artist and instructor at Coachella Valley Art Center in IndioTrees in Twilightwho creates beautiful dimensional hand-painted, multi-layered glass panels of nature

will be our guest speaker

March 21, 2017

11:45 to 1:30
lunch followed by program

Desert falls Country Club
Palm Desert


Reservations required. Please email Sunny at by Friday, March 17
$26 members $28 guests

“I create hand-painted, multi-layered, kiln-cast glass panels that exhibit nature in deep dimension, presenting natural objects around us in a new way. My goal is to draw the viewer into the work of art, transforming a painting (historically, a 2D art form) into something more. My outdoor subjects often recede into a foggy distance, creating an ethereal, almost ghostly effect.” Paul Messink


February Meeting




the Desert Symphony

Our mission is to provide a professional orchestra committed to enhancing and enriching the cultural life of the people in the Desert Cities.
We offer a series of concerts, recitals and special events with programs of musical, artistic excellence that entertain, educate and engage the audience.
We are also dedicated to providing free concerts to schoolchildren where they can experience a live symphony orchestra.


Nancy-Tapick-Nancy Tapick, president the Desert Symphony

will be our speaker 

Tuesday, February 21, 2016


11:45 to 1:30
buffet lunch followed by the program



Desert Falls Country Club
Palm Desert

Reservations required. Please email Sunny at by Friday, February 17
$26 members $28 guests

Nancy became involved with the Desert Symphony in the year 2000, was asked to join the board, and has continued to be involved for 17 years. She holds a BS degree, MBA and a Juris Doctorate degree.
She is very involved in both music organizations, charitable organizations and foundations that serve hospitals and health.


January Meeting

When we think writer– novelist, biographer, newspaper and magazine writer usually comes to mind.
But there is a whole other world of writers who are important, maybe more so, than those who write to entertain us.

They write in trade journals or other publications specific to their profession or business.
This sharing between peers is where innovation happens, advances are made.

img_8082-in-pdf-format-copy Debra Vogler*, Pen Woman and president of Instant Insight, Inc.
will tell us of her experience as a writer in technology and present some intriguing questions.

What are the differences among peer-reviewed journals, trade journals, and the mainstream media?
How has the growth of online content affected qualified reader publications?
Could trade journals or their online equivalents be an answer to “fake news?”

January 17, 2017


lunch followed by the program


Desert Falls Country Club
Palm Desert


Reservations required. Please email Sunny at by Friday, January 13
$26 members $28 guests

* Debra founded Instant Insight Inc., a media production company, in 1998 after a 20-year career in engineering. Between 2001 and 2011 she was employed as senior technical editor of the print and online publications at PennWell publications where she also produced and hosted video and audio interviews with industry executives and technologists. Since 2012, she has worked for her own company, whose clients include Chip Scale Review magazine, for which she is senior technical editor, and SEMI, for which she is a strategy advisor on the planning and organization of technical sessions at the annual SEMICON West exposition and conference. In addition to writing hundreds of technological articles over the years, Debra has added another title:producer. She serves as the executive producer of the pilot episode of Curious Duck ®, the science show, and the pilot episode of Silicon Valley Weekend.



December Meeting

Combine a voracious reader with an early love of fairytales and fantasy
with a writer who has skill with words and a gift for characterization
and you have


Shean Pao

author of The Feather and the Moon Well,
a fantasy adventure especially chosen by best selling science-fiction writer Dave Farland* to launch his Discovery Series

Come meet this amazing author and graphic artist


Tuesday, December 20, 2016



11:45 to 1:30
buffet lunch followed by the program




Desert Falls Country Club
Palm Desert


Reservations required. Please email Sunny at by Friday,December 16
$26 members $28 guests 

     • ” I’ve helped hundreds of new writers get their first publications as short story writers or novelists, but every once in a while I run across someone with a special gift, and I’ve wished that I could   do a bit more to publish them.”

November Meeting

Someone once said to Sofia Enriquez, ”You’re too young to be doing what you are doing.”
Oh, did she prove them wrong.



Moving back to the desert after graduating from Otis Parsons in Los Angeles, Sofia brought her passion for art along with a mission to bring the love for art to the young and those who can’t afford it. Along with creating her own art, she teaches at the Coachella Valley Art Center, the Palm Springs Art Musuem and the MAKE gallery in the Westfield mall Palm Desert.

Come meet Sofia Enriquez and hear her remarkable story


November 15, 2016


buffet followed by the program

Desert Falls Country Club
Palm Desert

Reservations required. Please email Sunny at by Friday, November 11
$26 members $28 guests

October Meeting

 Are you finding it difficult to navigate the world of publishing?

Is being “picked up” by a major publishing company just a pipe dream?

Do you have that book that is just waiting for an agent to discover it?


Literary Agent Claire Gerus

Claire Gerus has amazing insight into the creative and commercial potential of authors.
She supports all her clients with a loyalty  and a relentless focus that is rare in the publishing industry.
                                                                                                                                      New York Editor Paul Dinas, Penguin/Putnam                                                                                                                                                                        

October 18, 2016


11:30 to 1:30
buffet lunch followed by program


Desert Falls Country Club
Palm Desert


Reservations required. Please email Sunny at by Friday, October 14
$26 members    $28 guests

Claire is open to assisting authors as an agent, a book developer, or an editor.
She is now focusing on adult nonfiction projects.

May Meeting

The Willows


An iconic old hotel at the base of the San Jacinto Mountains, The Willows has a varied and colorful history. Newly restored to its previous glamour, we will be treated to learn about its past and current history from the owner who restored this desert treasure and shared it in a book Einstein Dreamt Here.

Tracy Conrad MD

will join us

May 17, 2016


lunch buffet followed by program



Desert Falls Country Club
Palm Desert


Please make reservations with Jill at by Friday, May 13
$26 members $28 guests


The Willows has played a major part in the history of Palm Springs, hosting an impressive array of some of the world’s most important and fascinating people. The Willows has welcomed senators and scientists, royalty and rock stars, the brother of a president, the son of a president, the daughter of a president and a president. At least of dozen of its guests have graced the cover of Time Magazine. It has known the greats of Hollywood and Broadway, winners of the Nobel and Pulitzer prizes, princes and princesses, barons, lords and ladies, reporters, writers, and artists. And, Einstein Dreamt Here.

April Meeting


At a time when budget cutbacks have substantially reduced arts programs from the curriculum in most schools, the McCallum Theatre Institute, the educational division of the theater, works in close partnership with local education agencies to make the arts available to students. Children from across the Valley and the High Desert have the opportunity to attend world-class theater, dance and musical performances at the McCallum. Approximately 40,000 students and teachers participate in McCallum Theatre Institute experiences each year.

Come learn about the women’s organization that supports the McCallum Theater Institute,
and the many educational programs the Institute is able to provide to the community.


Linda Weakley

president the Muses and Patroness Circle of the McCallum Theatre


Barbara Klein 

education chair of the Muses and Patroness Circle of the McCallum Theatre


Will join us


April 19, 2016

Lunch buffet followed by the program


Desert Falls Country Club
Palm Desert


Reservations required. $26 member $28 guest
Please RSVP by April 15 to Jill at
or 209-872-5673